Bruce Bond

Classical / Jazz Guitarist and Poet

Award-winning author of more than 30 books. Professional musician for over 40 years.



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“With characteristic formal precision and linguistic elegance, he reminds us of poetry’s ultimate purpose, to show us the ‘shining world outside the world.’ Bruce Bond is one of our finest poets.” 

—Claudia Emerson 

“As Baudelaire, at no small risk, boldly averred, “Fidelity is a kind of genius.”  Having heard a most original music and glimpsed a truly permanent form, he has followed them tirelessly, in to regions no fashion or favor could ever have foreseen.  His is the purest and most constant homage poetry has accomplished in our time.”

—Donald Revell

“One writes what one must write, but if I could choose to write like any of my contemporaries, I would choose to write like Bruce Bond.”

—Shane McCrae

“No poet writes about music better than Bruce Bond, and there are not many who can, poem after poem, combine such lucidity with such lyrical intensity.”

—Stephen Dunn

“Bruce Bond is one of generation’s best poets.”

 —Laura Kasischke

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